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Tips for Choosing a Branding Company

Branding is a considerable investment. Therefore, before working with an agency, be sure they are the right choice.

Here are the most important issues to look into when deciding on a branding agency:

First Impression

That age-old wisdom about first impressions couldn’t be righter. There is so much to know about a company just by how they deal with you at the start of your relationship. Do they look eager to work with you? Do they give you importance in terms of returning your phone calls or replying to your messages? Keep in mind that you will be spending a good amount of time with these people during your project. You want to look for chemistry and natural rapport, not just to make things comfortable for you but also to ensure good teamwork and great results.


Does size matter when you’re looking for a branding agency? Of course, it does but it still depends on certain factors. Clearly, a huge brand will have extensive branding demands that can only be met by large agencies. On the other hand, although big firms can handle brands of any size, they cannot give the hands-on attention that small businesses need. Besides, bigger agencies are also usually too expensive for smaller enterprises.


Most branding firms offer almost the same services or capabilities, but their differences may be evident in their expertise or in their execution of the nuances of their job. Such nuances can be anything, from the ability to clear up a confused brand architecture to in-depth brand research and more. No expertise means all capabilities are practically useless.
Ultimately, expertise is the ability to address your brand’s unique needs with an array of custom solutions that together comprise a cohesive and compelling brand story.
Ultimately, it is expertise that can address the unique needs of your brand using range of bespoke solutions that work together in giving you a singular and persuasive brand message.

Diverse Project Portfolio

An agency’s expertise is easy to determine once you have explored their project portfolio. It would be great to hire someone with experience in your particular industry, but even this is not the only factor to be considered. It’s also wrong to overestimate the importance of such experience. Branding is a general process from which any industry can benefit. And agencies that only work in one vertical tend to be less equipped to create a variety of brand experiences. Also, with an agency that is not within your industry, you can discover new concepts of your positioning and identity.

Comparing Agencies

Finally, consider not just one but a number of candidates and make apples to apples comparisons among them. There is no other way to know which of your choices is the best for you.
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