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Benefits of Non-owner Car Insurance

Non-owner insurance is a type of auto insurance that provides liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage if you are driving a car that you do not own. When you have non-owner auto insurance, it will shield you from liabilities and lawsuits in case you are involved in an accident which is found to be your fault. If you don’t own a car but drive occasionally, there are several reasons why you should have non-owners car insurance policy. Here are some of the advantages of having non-owner car insurance policy.

If you don’t own a car, there is a chance you will only be driving if you borrow a friend’s on a few occasions, so instead of going for an expensive policy or missing out on having insurance altogether, non-owner is an affordable alternative you can consider. Even if you don’t own a car, there are a few errands you would want to run occasionally that will require one and this is where the convenience of having non-owner auto insurance comes in; you can drive a car anytime you want for a little cost that you pay to the insurance.

If you don’t own a car but you drive your friend’s or colleague’s, non-owner insurance policy may be a good choice, plus you don’t have to rely on the protection offered by the car owner’s insurance policy. Despite not having a car, one of the best reasons to have non-owner auto insurance policy is that there are no gaps in your coverage in case of an accident. Most people who buy cars after going without auto insurance for a long time usually pay large amounts in premium compared to those without gaps, hence the importance of having non-owner car insurance even if you don’t own a car.

No car payments if you choose non-owner car insurance policy; since you don’t have a car, you can insure you are always covered every time you are driving without incurring the additional expenses. The money you save by going car free can be invested in other expenses or used to strengthen other policies you already have like health or home insurance.

People without auto insurance policy continually have to buy rental coverage whenever they are renting a car which gets expensive in the long run, but if you have non-owner policy you are already covered. If you have been cited after an accident or violation or have your license suspended, you may need a non-owner insurance as proof of liability protection. You should have non-owner auto insurance to enjoy these benefits.

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